viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014


Rô Moreira said : "You can not baptize infants as babies ?
The Bible says that whoever does not believe is condemned already .
Children will not be saved ?
Paul says that those who do not work shall not eat . Children so can not eat ? "
Hello Ro , first is a pleasure to talk with you , a Christian who uses the internet and your life to speak of Jesus . How good would that all who profess to be Christians , they used their Facebook page to talk about God . Our differences are the result of our human weakness , our inability to understand and be perfect as our Father is perfect . But we look forward to the full redemption in the resurrection of the dead .

So I understand the question posed above. When the Bible says that the person who does not believe will be condemned , the biblical text reveals that refers to the conscious people with understanding and able to discern and choose Christ or not . Likewise when the Bible says that those who do not work should not eat , it is plain that Paul refers to adult and lazy people . Both texts do not refer to humans throughout its existence . Retirees who baptize children baptized it because they have a fully developed body, but do not baptize embryos and fetuses because , even though humans are not yet physically developed . I am opposed to the baptism of a child, because the understanding of the human being in the first years of his life has no ability to make a decision to accept Christ in the infant stage , there are no spiritual perception . Thus , Christian parents should educate their children and prepare them so that they are prepared to take advantage by Christ when his understanding can discern. You can not make an analogy with circumcision because circumcision is an outward act of an already accomplished fact . The son of a Jew is a Jew by genetic inheritance. Christians are not a " race" as the Jews . A Jew can grow up and deny Judaism as a religion , but he will always be a Jew in genealogy . " That which is born of the flesh is flesh," Jesus said . So a Jew to submit your child circumcision to doing an outward sign of an intrinsic fact. Baptism is an outward sign of an intrinsic also a fact , but this fact is not genetic , genealogical, is a decision to serve Christ , is the miracle of the " born again " . " Born again " precedes baptism . Church history only makes mention of infant baptism in the third century Origen with " The Church received from the Apostles the tradition of giving baptism also to infants ." ( Origen Epist . Ad Rom . 5.9 Book ) . However , Origen and Tertullian objected condemned infant baptism .
We could die disagrees doctrinal points , but we can not kill us or miss with respect to each other . Recall that two commandments are above all: Love God and love your neighbor . May God bless us all and have mercy on our souls . We do not own the truth , we are the servants of him who is the TRUTH .(Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

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